Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy - CBT

The Department of Psychology has developed a program for certificate studies of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT). The program is designed for psychotherapy professionals and it aims to broaden the knowledge and the understanding of theoretical and practical therapeutic topics. The program is mainly based on the mainstream cognitive-behavioral theory, and includes topics on individual psychotherapy in all ages from childhood till old age and in a wide range of mental health problems. The studies contain theoretical courses, practical workshops and individual or group training. The program meets the criteria of the Israeli Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and is known to specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Graduates of the program will receive a certificate from the program and the Department of Psychology at the end of two years.

 The program amounts to 6 teaching hours per week, and 26 training hours (all along the year).

The studies are condensed to Tuesdays in the afternoon hours, between the hours 14:15-19:30 and take place in Ha-Namal Campus, 65 Ha-Namal St. in Haifa. Near the train station!

Information and Forms for Applicants

Information for applicants for the academic year 2017/18 – New

Registration form for the academic year 2016/17

Recommendation form for the academic year 2016/17

Information for Students

Information booklet for students for the academic year 2016/17

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