Research Fellows & Post-Doctoral Fellows

DR. Hadas Pick
DR. Hadas
Areas of interest: The cognitive and neuronal basis of Creativity. Exploring the neural mechanisms underlying social creativity. Understanding cognitive performance in heterogeneous as opposed to homogeneous group settings via in-group versus out-group interpersonal brain synchronization.
Dr. Noam Karsh
Dr. Noam
Areas of interest: The interplay between motor and social cognition | How the ‘self’ is embodied in action (“The sense of agency”) | The rewarding aspects of motor-control (action-effectiveness) and their Impact on motivated behavior | The motivational mechanisms behind maladaptive behaviors (e.g., impulsivity).
Dr. Keren Kaplan Mintz
Dr. Keren Kaplan
Areas of interest: Environmental psychology, determinants of pro-environmental behavior, environmental citizenship, educational psychology, citizen science
Dr. Assaf Weksler
Dr. Assaf
Areas of interest: Integrating philosophy and psychology, with an emphasis on perception, attention and consciousness.

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