The Department of Psychology

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to provide teaching and training at the highest level and to conduct cutting edge research. Our faculty members are involved in scientific activities with the aim of enriching and expanding the body of knowledge in psychology by linking across disciplines and implementing diverse methodologies. Inherent to this goal is the dissemination of knowledge through national and international journals and conferences.

The department is committed to provide the best teaching to its undergraduate and graduate students. Research methods, theoretical models, and important findings in the major sub-fields of psychology (i.e., developmental, social, clinical, cognition, neuropsychology, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, neurocognition) are presented and discussed with the students at all levels of training.

A central goal of the department is to train the new generation of both researchers and professional psychologists. This is done at the MA level where theoretical studies are integrated with practica and workshops. All students in our various graduate programs are required to conduct an MA research thesis. Our graduate students are expected to develop expertise in their own field, and acquire the basis required to become independent researchers and/or practitioners.

The department’s graduates are employed in a wide variety of both public and private settings, including the school system, health services, army, industry (including hi-tech organizations), and private practice. A significant number of our graduates have successfully continued their studies for the doctoral degree, both in our department, in other departments in Israel, and at some of the most prestigious universities abroad.

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