Dr. Daphna Evyatar Award:

For more than 10 years, with the generous contribution of the
Evyatar family, the Department of Psychology granted a graduate student the Dr.
Daphna Evyatar “Loss and Bereavement” award for excellent research.

Honoring the memory and mission of Dr. Daphna Evyatar’s work, her family grants this
awards as a means to encourage and promote research in this area of
scholarship. Dr. Daphna Evyatar, a
clinical psychologist, worked with bereaved families for the Rehabilitation Department in the
Ministry of Defense. She accompanied widows and orphans of the Israel Defense Forces, and
guided groups to support bereaved parents and siblings. Dr. Daphna Evyatar herself was a
bereaved sister following the loss of her brother in the War of Independence in 1948.


Award Winners:

תשס"ז- גב' מורן גופר-שנרך  

2006 - Moran Gofer-Shanrach

תשס"ח- ד"ר אורטל שרוף

2007- Dr. Ortal Sharof

תשס"ט  -  ד"ר מריאנה גייטיני

2008 - Dr. Mariana Gaitini

תש"ע - ד"ר שרית אלקלעי

2009 - Dr. Sarit Alkalie

תשע"א -  ד"ר עינת דוד

2010 – Dr. Ainat David

תשע"ב - ד"ר שחר מור-יוסף

2011 – Dr. Shachar Mor-Yosef

תשע"ג - ד"ר יאיר הלל

2012 – Dr. Yair Hillel

תשע"ד - מר יועאד ג'נאדרי-חכים

2013 – Yoad Janadri- Hakeem

תשע"ה - גב' רנין האשול- ענדארי

2014 – Raneen Hashool- Andarie

תשע"ו - גב' ליטל קפלן

2015 – Lital Kaplan

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