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Single-major and Double-major B.A. Studies

Chairman of the Departmental Committee: prop. hadas okon zinger.

The Studies’ Goal

B.A. studies’ goal is to raise the basic questions in psychology to the students, to introduce basic concepts in its various domains, to teach its scientific tools and to allow guided research and therapeutic expertise. The studies do not provide professional qualification in psychology, which requires finishing master degree studies. M.A. studies provide expertise in a theoretical or applied area of psychology. Ph.D. studies enable students to specialize thoroughly in a very specific research domain.


Admission to the department is conditioned by meeting the admission requirements of the university in accordance to these assigned by the department.

Final date for registration – August 31st, 2023

Applicants who intend to take the psychometry exam should do so no later than July 2023.

The deadline for submitting certificates and documents is August 31st, 2023

The Structure of the Studies

The studies in the department are conducted in two ways: Single-major track and double-major track. Students in either track will get their Bachelor degree only after meeting all the mandatory requirements.

The B.A. studies include basic studies in psychology, general auxiliary studies for understanding research methods in psychology, and other courses designed to the main domains in psychology. There is an opportunity to join the excellence program starting in the middle of the B.A. degree studies.

The Department of Psychology’s labs bolster the instruction in other courses in the department and enable the students to engage in different stages of experimental research in psychology.

It is important to note that the department policy is subject to changes. However, these changes are not retrospective. The students have to follow the policy that was set at the beginning of the academic year in which they started their studies.

  1. Double-Major Track 202101-23-01

In this track the student integrates psychology studies and other studies of equal range. The range of psychology studies in this track amounts to 60 credit points. The studies include mandatory courses and elective courses.

  1. The Single-Major Track 202102-23-01

This track is designed to expose students to a broad range of studies in psychology. The range of psychology studies in this track amounts to 76 credit points. The studies contain mandatory courses and elective courses. In order to complete the mandatory requirement for the B.A. degree, the student has to take general courses covering 44 credit points out of the suggested courses in any of the departments in the university, according to the student’s choice.

  1. Psychology-Philosophy “PSYPHAS” program 202104-23-01

A program for excellent psychology and philosophy students.

The admission is conditioned by a high score and a personal interview.

The program entails the completion of the requirements of both departments and special courses designed only for the program students..

  1. Psychology - B.A. degree for law students 202124-23-01

The studies in this track are conducted the same as in the double-major track.

The admission to this program is conditioned by meeting the admission requirements of both departments.

The Duration of the Studies

The duration of B.A. studies is 3 years.

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 ‘PSYPHAS’ Programתוכנית פסיפס -

PSYPHAS Program – B.A. Program for Excellent Psychology and Philosophy Students

This year, the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy in the University of Haifa will start a program for excellent double-major B.A. students – ‘PSYPHAS’ Program. Students in this program, the first of its kind in Israel and one of the first worldwide, not only integrate studies of psychology and philosophy, but also inquire and clarify actively the plentiful connections between the two disciplines by the assistance of special courses and research workshops, which will be introduced cooperatively by lecturers from both departments. These special courses will prepare the students for thesis, PSYPHAS seminar, which to be composed with the guidance of lecturers in the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy.

The studies in the special courses will be held in small groups, allowing in-depth discussions and a personal relationship. PSYPHAS students will be trained and accompanied all along the degree, and will receive subsistence grant every academic year.

PSYPHAS program offers a challenging and innovative track of studies, by the guidance of the best lecturers in two of the leading departments in the country, which deals with big questions that lead us to get interested in the human self and behavior (questions about the meaning of life, rationality, free will, etc.). The students will develop distinctive intellectual tools for research and critical thinking, which they will utilize later in the academy and outside it.

The Structure of the Studies

The duration of the studies is 3 years, in a double-major track totaling 120 academic credit points. The track is based on mandatory courses and obligatory elective courses in both departments, psychology and philosophy, as well as on elective courses in both departments and special courses for the program. The program students can choose between a track accentuating psychology, or a track accentuating philosophy. The two tracks differ in the number of elective courses students can take in each department.

Admission תנאי קבלה -

A high score and an interview.


Registration to the program is completed by the Department of Registration and Acceptance’s website.

Note that you can fill in four preferences, and that in each preference you can choose only one department (whether it is a single- or a double-major track). Therefore, be sure to register to PSYPHAS program in two preferences, one in psychology and the other in philosophy, as follows:

Registration to the program is completed only after marking the two mentioned preferences.

It is recommended to fill in the other two preferences as you choose (e.g., normal double-major in psychology and philosophy), since every change in the registration form leads to extra charge.

Ways to make contact

The Program Heads –

Dr. Arnon Keren, the Department of

Dr. Assaf Kron, the Department of Psychology:

For more details on the departments –

Sali Mansoor, coordinator of philosophy B.A.

Yarona Ozer, coordinator of psychology B.A. studies:

For the program Facebook page, click here.

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