Latest News

  • Congratulations to Orit Nafcha for winning the prestigious Azrieli Fellowship for Ph.D students in social sciences.  

  • Congratulations to the following Psychology Department faculty members for receiving the 2018 Yakir Award Dr. Shai Gabay, recipient of the Top Science award for his publication in PNAS.Dr. Oded Klavir, Dr. Idan Aderka, Dr. Hadas Okon-Singer, Prof. Gal Richter Levin, Dr. Roee Admon, Prof. Amit Bernstein, and Dr. Assaf Kron, recipients of the Excellence award.

  • Congratulations to BSF-NSF research grant recipient Dr. Tali Bitan !

  • Congratulations to B.A. student recipient of The Avraham Agmon "PERACH" national tutoring and mentoring Prize: Sapir Bar

  • Congratulations to Phd student recipients of the department of psychology excellence scholarship in the department’s 50 year anniversary: Hiba Zeidan, William Sabban, Yuval Hadash, for winning the department chair award. Oksana Iteks, Tomer Mizrachi Zer-Aviv, Navot Naor, Liat Leibovitch, for winning an excellence scholarship. Shira Taketch, Chen Oren, Rivka Froilich, Roee Shoval for a commendation award
  • Congratulations to Israel Science Foundation (ISF) research grant recipients: Dr. Oded Klavir and Prof. Amit Bernstein.

  • Congratulations to M.A. student recipients of

    the University of Haifa Graduate School
    Excellcence Scholarship: Hadar Nachmani, Noa Gal, Dana Karmi, Shachar Sabri, Sireen

    Baransi, Brenda Swersky, Michal Shalem, Reut Shani, Lior Kate, Liron Blayevis and Uri
  • Congratulations to German Israel Science Fondation (GIF) research grant recipients: Dr. Oded Klavir, Prof. Yafa Yeshurun,
    and Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory
  • Congratulations to PhD student William Saban, BA student Liora Sekely, 

    Sekely, and Dr. Shai Gabay on the publication of
    “Endogenous orienting in the archer fish” in the esteemed Proceedings of the National
    Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

  • Congratulations on the launch of the new Brain and Psychopathology Graduate Program’s. new website.
  • Congratulations to new faculty member Dr. Oded Klavir, on the publication of his research on memory distortion and fear
    in Nature Neuroscience, link .
  • Congratulation to Prof. Amit Bernstein upon his nomination to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities,‘Young Academy’.
  • Congratulations to Sharon Lander, a PhD in Dr. Inna Gaisler-Salomon’s psychobiology laboratory, who was awarded the prestigious Aharon and

    Ephraim Katzir research fellowship for graduate students.

  • New- a completion course for specialization- Summer 2016/17 course – “Therapeutic
    Space”, therapeutic work with children.

  • Registration for experiments in psychology for credits and money exchange.

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