Prof. Gal Richter Levin

Head of the School of Psychological Sciences

Message from the School Head

Welcome to the school of psychological sciences at the University of Haifa.

The school includes a variety of research areas in psychology (BA, MA, Ph.D.), cognitive sciences (BA), and child development programs (MA and Ph.D.).

The school includes 31 leading researchers, who work to promote research and pedagogy in the school using a variety of innovative ideas and methods. The school promotes interdisciplinary research in different areas including clinical research, brain and behavior, neurocognition, child development, psychopathology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and human factors, social psychology and philosophy. In parallel with research, the school emphasizes high-quality pedagogy in all degrees through providing theoretical knowledge, critical thinking, as well as practical skills and tools.

You are invited to visit the websites of the different departments for more information!

Contact us

Rabin Building | 7th floor | University of Haifa | Mount Carmel | Haifa P.O 3338, Postal Code 3103301, Israel

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